Helping Patients Share Their Stories

Jamie Holloway.
Jamie Holloway.

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. You worry not only about yourself, but also about the family and friends who love you. How are you going to manage treatments? How are you going to deal with family life? It can become even more stressful as you begin to tell the details of your journey over and over again to everyone who asks. Jamie Holloway, a breast cancer researcher turned breast cancer patient and AACR Scientist↔Survivor Program advocate, was in those same shoes. Holloway started a blog to update her family and friends on her progress. Her simple communication between family and friends has turned into an inspirational resource tool for other patients faced with a cancer diagnosis. Read “How to Share Your Story,” Holloway’s contribution to the AACR’s How-to Series, for more on how she shares her story and her tips for others who want to share theirs.

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