Jocelyn Wainwright

Jocelyn Wainwright coordinates various scientific programs at AACR. She administers and provides support for the initiatives of the Radiation Science and Medicine Working Group, Pediatric Cancer Working Group, Cancer Prevention Committee, and Fellows of the AACR Academy. Wainwright received a master’s in health policy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, where she studied how policy affects behavior, with a focus on tobacco use. She enjoys working with AACR members to develop innovative scientific programs that benefit the cancer research community.

Q&A With Theodore Lawrence, MD, PhD, on the Launch of the AACR Radiation Science and Medicine Working Group

Over 50 percent of all cancer patients will receive radiation therapy during the course of their treatments. This fact highlights the enormous need to understand how cancer cells respond to radiation and how this biological knowledge may be translated into improved treatments and prolonged patient survival. To support this vital area, the AACR has formed a new scientific working group, the AACR Radiation Science and Medicine (RSM) Working Group.

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