May is National Cancer Research Month

May is National Cancer Research Month, during which the American Association for Cancer Research partners with advocacy groups, cancer centers, and research institutions to raise awareness of the high-quality, innovative cancer research happening across the country and around the world.

Here’s how you can join us in supporting progress toward the prevention, treatment, and cure of cancer:

Share your stories of hope

This year, we are continuing to ask those affected by cancer to share their messages of real hope, like this short video featuring five cancer survivors sharing what hope means to them.

Post a photo or video on your social networks using the hashtag #RealHopeIs to let the world know what real hope means to you. Or, post it to the National Cancer Research Month Facebook page.

Ask Congress to continue to prioritize cancer research

Robust, sustained, and predictable federal funding is crucial for researchers to plan and continue the cutting-edge projects that will lead to new, better treatments and cures for a variety of diseases, including the more than 200 diseases we collectively call cancer. The recent groundswell of congressional support for the National Institutes of Health and the launch of the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative led by Vice President Joe Biden have galvanized the cancer community, and National Cancer Research Month is an excellent time to ask lawmakers to maintain the momentum of recent months by providing a $2.4 billion increase to the NIH in FY 2017. Learn more about the AACR’s science policy and government affairs work.

Donate to the AACR Foundation

The AACR Foundation accelerates progress in the conquest of cancer by providing financial support for cancer research that has the highest potential for impact. Learn more about the AACR Foundation.

For more resources and information on National Cancer Research Month and how you can support cancer research, visit, like National Cancer Research Month on Facebook, and follow #NCRM16 and #RealHopeIs on Twitter.

How will you participate in National Cancer Research Month? Tell us in the comments!

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