Srivani Ravoori, PhD

Srivani Ravoori, PhD, is associate director of science communications at the AACR. Ravoori helps manage science content creation for the Communications and Public Relations Department and guides the team in identifying the latest advances in cancer research from the organization's conferences, journals, and other scientific activities. Ravoori helps develop strategies to integrate and streamline the dissemination of cancer science through various communications and social media platforms. Ravoori is an experienced science content developer and an expert in translating complex cancer science into simple language with the goal of educating the public, media, policymakers, and the health care industry about the importance of cancer research. She holds a PhD degree in cancer biology and dedicated the first 15 years of her career to conducting basic and translational cancer research.

Improving Cancer Surgery: Using a Probe to Determine What is Cancer, What is Not

A team of researchers from Australia has shown that an optical fiber-tip probe that can detect the pH of a tissue can distinguish between cancer and normal tissues at the margins of a tumor during surgery, in real time.

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SABCS 2016: Extended Letrozole Therapy May Have Limited Benefits

Data presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium showed that five additional years of the aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy letrozole (Femara) following an initial five years of AI-based adjuvant hormone therapy did not significantly improve survival outcomes in postmenopausal women with early-stage HR-positive breast cancer. The additional five years did improve some outcomes related to recurrence.

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