Complexities of Cancer Explained for Patient Benefit

Cancer Cells

We asked Eric Winer, MD, chief of the Division of Women’s Cancers and director of the Breast Oncology Center at the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, and professor in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, to explain for patients and their loved ones how the complexities of cancer make it a hard disease to treat successfully and to talk about efforts to overcome these complexities to reduce the burden of cancer.

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Clinical Trials Highlighted at the AACR Annual Meeting 2015

Dr. Johann de Bono, AACR Annual Meeting 2015 Clinical Trials Committee co-chair

This year, at the AACR Annual Meeting held in Philadelphia April 18 to 22, an astounding 19,300 members of the cancer research community shared their exciting research findings, heard from …

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AACR Scientist↔Survivor Program Facilitates Open Dialogue Between Patient Advocates and Scientists


During the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting held last month in Philadelphia, 30 patient advocates—many of them cancer survivors—took part in the AACR’s Scientist↔Survivor Program (SSP) with the …

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Stepping Into the Era of Combination Cancer Therapies, Part 2: Combining Targeted Therapies

"Philadelphia, PA - The AACR 2015 Annual Meeting - Ursala Matulonis discusses her research during the AACR Press Conference at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting here today, Tuesday April 21, 2015. More than 18,000 physicians, researchers, health care professionals, cancer survivors and patient advocates are expected to attend the meeting at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The Annual Meeting highlights the latest findings in all major areas of cancer research from basic through clinical and epidemiological studies. Photo by © AACR/Todd Buchanan 2015 Contact Info: Keywords: 15AACR_Meet the Editors: Cancer Discovery session"

In my first post in this series highlighting some of the studies presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 2015 that hold promise for combination cancer therapies, I discussed clinical trials …

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An Ounce of Prevention: Researching New Ways to Circumvent the Development of Gastric Cancer


Tamas A. Gonda, MD, 2014 recipient of the Landon Foundation-AACR INNOVATOR Award for Cancer Prevention Research, is examining how epigenetic changes can be targeted to prevent gastric cancer.

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Stepping Into the Era of Combination Cancer Therapies, Part 1: Combining Immunotherapies


Game-changing modern cancer therapies—immunotherapies and targeted therapies, among others—have been providing promising treatment outcomes in the recent years. The outcomes with immunotherapies, in particular, are so compelling that cancer clinicians …

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